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It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day…

Sally Spencer (with Debbie Oakes).


Hi Everyone!
For those who don’t know me, my name is Sally Spencer. I’m the owner of Desert Diamonds. I’ve been bringing sparkle to lives of women all over the planet since 1996. In keeping with that fine tradition, I hope to add shine to your day in these reflections on life, the Universe… and all that glitters.


It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day…


Songkran is Thailand’s most famous festival. An important event on the Buddhist calendar, this water festival marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year.

Sawadee Pi Mai to all my Thai friends!

Mid-April in Thailand means New Year (Songkran) celebrations. And as I write to you from our petite Maison in the mountains of La Tronche – Grenoble (aka ‘Chateau Desert Diamonds’) I reflect it’s been a long lockdown winter.

Spring is the perfect time to get a head start on all the things you want to do around your home.   Cleaning, repairing, and selling the jewelry that you own is a great place to start when you want to deep clean and declutter. That way, you’re only left with items that make you happy.

Shine like gold

April 2021 Springtime has finally arrived bringing blossoms, birdsong and – one of my favourite things – spring cleaning! You may think I am joking but – after fabulous jewellery and (of course) my fabulous Frenchy, Christian – there’s nothing I love more than a good sweep, mop, swipe, scrub and clear out. I find it clears more than just the dust off the bannisters, it also frees the cobwebs and white noise from the mind allowing distant memories to pop up…

Lost gold

April 2016 Songkran in Bangkok. Songkran necessitates a very different kind of lockdown. The self-imposed kind! We always had to make certain there were enough supplies at home (red wine) to avoid going out. Even the smallest errand would, at the very least, result in a shock of ice cold water being poured with love and hilarity down your back. At the most you could be caught between the searing April heat and ice cold water-gunfire from mobilised utility trucks. So, while cleaning with the ping pong Pop Music of Songkran coming in from the street interspersed with screams of horror and delight, I noticed a layer of dust on the safe requiring my immediate attention. On a whim I opened it, vaguely remembering some gold jewellery from my youth.


A gold market in Arab countries of Arabian Peninsula and particularly in GCC countries. The word souk is mostly used by Arabs for open markets.

Gold Dust

Who only ‘vaguely remembers’ gold jewellery? You may well ask. Well – during my twenties I worked as a dental nurse in Saudi Arabia. In those days there was very little to do, or spend your money on, except visit the famous gold souks (markets). So that’s exactly what we did. Almost every weekend we would gather a group of girls and hit the glittering alleyways. Gold necklaces, gold chains, gold tennis bracelets, gold earrings, gold pendants, gold engagement rings and gold dress rings!  You name it – you could almost get a sun tan from the reflection. The jewellery was priced only by weight and the often-ornate workmanship was not added to the price. That was fortunate because by the time I opened my safe it was obviously all outdated.


I’ve had so many compliments on the style and beauty of this hot pink ring in 18k yellow gold – melted down from old jewelry pieces that I had.

Gold dust woman

Many years had passed since I bought my abandoned gold and now I had my very own jewellery company, Desert Diamonds. My artisans are known for their impeccable craftsmanship and here I had all this wonderful gold glistening like Aladdin’s treasure. Suddenly I knew what to do! I trawled through the pages of the best jewellery designers and found some I really loved. I worked with my craftspeople to create some really spectacular pieces from the melted down gold that I treasure to this day. Indeed, I loved them so much they became the inspiration for the passion-pink Maxi Collection.


Rivers of gold


Decorated with delicate diamond simulant droplets which flow like a waterfall over the ring.

Perhaps even more exciting for my fellow spring cleaners out there, is that my Songkran moment sparked a whole new bespoke jewellery service! I realised that many of us have some dodgy designs out there that with a sprinkle of fresh perspective and a dash of creativity can be transformed into glittering showstoppers. We now use ‘CAD’ (Computer Aided Design) to create a full, 3D digital version that enables you to see your new creation from every angle.

How can I create bespoke jewellery from my old fashioned rings and necklaces?

The first, and perhaps the most difficult step in repurposing your old gold jewellery, is to decide what pieces to recycle. So open up those safes and jewellery drawers, start gathering those out of style pieces and broken Mr T chains! They are going to save you a fortune when creating a new jewellery piece.


Desert Diamonds offer to trade-in your gold. First we send your scrap gold to the gold trader. The price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis and you will get the gold price on the day that your Jewellery is traded-in. This amount is credited to our metal account and we can use this to supply new materials to make you a piece of fabulous new jewellery. You can also choose alternative metals like platinum or white gold for your new design.


Bangkok – Thailand

We can easily arrange for you to visit our showroom and consult with Tong (Marketing Team) contact her [email protected]

Or we can arrange delivery via Kerry Express which is cost effective, safe and reliable for us to receive and ship back to you.

All International locations

We will assist you in your jewellery being sent to us via Fed-Ex. This can be picked up directly from your home + shipping fee is applicable.


It goes without saying that Desert Diamonds Jewellery offers exceptional quality, price and service! Contact us now to dust off those show stoppers in the making!  If you also have jewellery you would like repaired, cleaned or modified we can do that too!


*If you want to add more stones we offer a lifetime guarantee on our premium diamond simulants (or the gemstone of your desire)


Purchase online or direct through our Global Distributors


Sally x




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