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Distributor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DESERT DIAMONDS different?

People represent our brand because they love our classic, timeless and modern fine jewelry that appeals to a wide range of customers.   The quality of workmanship is first class; we offer a life-time guarantee on our premium Diamond Simulants and our price tag does not make our customers flinch, instead of one piece they often treat themselves to more!

Our Distributors often say “This business is different!” Yes, they’re right! It’s more than jewelry, it’s the personalized service that we offer our Distributors and build their knowledge and confidence to work independently as a Jewelry Distributor.   Our mission is to Motivate, Inspire and provides an Opportunity to make a difference in your life!

What makes Desert Diamonds Jewelry a trailblazer?

We encourage our Distributors to be bold and confident. We know with our 100% support we will continue to Motivate, Inspire, and give them the Opportunity to succeed!

Say YES and join us today!

How do I become a Distributor?

It’s easy! We will guide you throught the steps to become a Distributor.     An Authorised Distributor Agreement will be emailed to you and you must agree to the terms & conditions and sign this. DD Global Ltd will need to verify and confirm your appointment by email.

This will also confirm your Start-up Kit of US$1000. Your Payment will be easily made via Pay-Pal  (this method accepts credit/debit card) or bank transfer. Sooner than you know, you’ll be open for business!

How do I pay for my Jewelry Startup Kit?

The Distributor will be issued with an invoice and can make their payment of USD$1000 (plus handling charges) for the Jewelry Startup Kit by either credit/debit or Bank transfer. More details are provided in the correspondence from the Company.

What do I receive in my Jewelry Startup Kit?

You will receive an estimated 40+ pieces of our best-selling Classic & Modern Jewelry in Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating, promotional materials, accessories & gift packaging. DD Global has the right to change product subject to availability at the time of your order.

How much is the investment to get started?

You can start your business with the amount of US$1000, which includes everything you need to succeed. By purchasing your Jewelry Start-up Kit you are ready to start selling immediately. You may take orders by showing your customers your stunning jewelry pieces or sell the samples and replenish your stock at any time. The retail value of your  Jewelry is estimated at US$2800.00, a very attractive return on your investment.

No quotas! No Risk! Potential to earn great sales profit selling a fabulous Jewelry brand!

How much can I earn?

Your income potential is endless. You decide how much you want to work and how much you want to make!

Is there any reward for referring a friend to become a Distributor?

YES! We encourage you to share this fantastic business opportunity with your family, friends and network! For every successful sign-on that you refer to DD Global Ltd, you will receive a US$150.00 product credit off your next order.

What Selling Opportunities can I use?

Get paid to share what you love to wear through relaxed Desert Diamonds Sparkler Parties with friends, 1-on-1 or social media.

In today’s selling world, so many selling and marketing channels are now available in which to reach your customers.   E-tail (electronic retailing) social media suite for email campaigns, Facebook posts, Instagram and Blogging are all ways in which you can reach your customers in a powerful way. One-on-one or in home shows…endless ways to sell!

The key in the following scenarios is to make it a fun & enjoyable experience within an informal atmosphere, so your guests are comfortable and not pressured to shop.   But once they see the Desert Diamonds you are wearing and sparkling in, it will certainly sell itself!

Jewelry Parties – are the lifeline of this business and the best way to maximize your earning potential. Each Party can lead to future bookings which increase your business success.   The key is 6 to 10 ladies, to ensure you have a captive audience. Make it a relaxed and fun coffee morning or an evening with “Sparkles & Bubbles” where by the ladies can try on the jewelry, browse the Jewelry catalog or visit our Desert Diamonds Website and you can place their orders directly with you or online!

Mobile Parties – take the party anywhere and everywhere while earning great sales profit. Give your guests a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with our exclusive jewelry. Even when you travel to see family and friends in their home towns or meeting new people on a vacation, take the jewelry with you in a compact and secure Jewelry Travel Roll! If you are working, take the jewelry to your office and show colleagues over coffee and lunch breaks!   If you are a member of a sports or social club, pack your jewelry travel roll and introduce to the members!   Plenty of channels in which to market and sell!

Online Parties – Online Parties are just as fun. Your family or Friends can host a Sparkles & Bubbles party right from their living room. Provide your guests with the information of our Website for them to browse our Online Shop and create their own wish list to order directly through you! Alternatively your family and friends can shop from the comfort of their own home by sharing products or special offers directly through Social Media and via messenger. It’s easy and hassle free. Everyone wins!

Social Media – Use social media to share with your friends and earn extra cash! Social selling is today’s buzz and it fits our jewelry perfectly: easy to show, easy to ship and your customers will be thrilled to receive the best.

Exclusive Service – With an insight to your customers personal jewelry requirements, shopping has never been easier for them.   Offer them a private viewing in a location convenient for them. Treat them like a VIP and suggest Jewelry to fit their styles! Or maybe they are gift shopping for loved ones; our Classic best sellers are a perfect suggestion for the gift category.


Desert Diamonds Jewelry has two different product lines and the following payment methods apply:

Standard Sterling Silver Jewelry – This is Jewelry made with a mold with no variation to design. Standard ring sizes are 52, 54 & 56.   For Tennis Bracelets different lengths are available and price will vary.

Payment Guidelines:

          1. Once the Distributor builds up a good credit rating with the Company they will have 30 days to make full payment once the invoice has been shipped to them.
          2. Distributor must email [email protected] the Jewelry order.
          3. Once order is ready to ship, you will be notified by email and the shipping address will be requested. The Distributor has the option to have the shipment sent to own address or direct to the customer.


*Distributor will receive a (RRP) Recommended Retail Price list to work with.  This will state your purchasing wholesale price and RRP.    Pricing is in THB; however you will have the ability to automatically convert to your currency.

Custom Jewelry – This is Jewelry made with no mold (custom handmade) in Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver.   A quotation must be provided by DD Global Ltd for the Consultant to present to the Customer for confirmation of order.


Payment Guidelines:

          1. For Gold Custom Orders we usually require a 50% deposit for orders exceeding THB10,000.      This is required for you to secure this order.
          2. Distributor must email [email protected] the Jewelry order.
          3. Once order is ready to ship, you will be notified by email and the shipping address will be requested. The Distributor has the option to have the shipment sent to own address or direct to the customer.

*As custom pieces are unique and made to customers specification, it is strongly suggested that you collect full payment upfront (non-refundable). Or if it applies to family, friend or a loyal customer you may wish only to collect a 50% upfront (non-refundable) deposit and balance on delivery.   However, to secure the order with DD Global Ltd and have it processed, we must receive the 50%  deposited if requested.

Can I modify or cancel a personal or customer order?

Distributors will have (2) two days in which to modify or cancel a customer Standard Silver or Bespoke order.

How do i submit my orders?

With our simple order form, you can enter individual orders, supply orders and parties and email to [email protected].   Our friendly operations team will assist you directly with your order, lead-time & delivery.

Do I handle deliveries?

Orders are shipped DIRECTLY to you for you to dispatch directly to your customers.

How do you ship my orders?

DD Global Ltd offers ***Shipping via Registered Mail***   Please allow 2 – 3 weeks in transit (this method is okay for small orders of low value)

Need it faster?

If you need to expedite your order more quickly, we offer shipping via Fed Ex Courier.   Average charge for an international shipment is US$50.00.   Transit time 3 – 5 days!

Tip: Your order’s shipment date is dependent on the item with the longest lead time. If your items have different lead items, place multiple orders to receive some items faster.

What support do i receive to set up my business?

Our professional Desert Diamonds team will provide you with 100% support, resources, training and expertise. Your contact details will be listed on our website and we will provide also guidelines to setting up your Social Media DD accounts so you will be set up from the word go!

What kind of ongoing support does Desert Diamonds offer?

We are here to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on selling! You set the goals, we help you reach them. Our Head Office team provides regular contact via email or call to address any questions you may have or offer support and advise in areas that you wish to build knowledge in. We will also connect you with other Distributors near your area to develop relationships with them. We will keep you informed of new product launches or any specials that we may have on offer!  We operate like a small family business and are warm & supportive as we wish to help your business succeed.

From the buyers point of view?

If someone purchases an item from the Distributor, do they pay via PayPal to the Distributor or Company?

      • Customer would pay the Distributor directly for the full retail amount.  You can advise the customer directly of payment methods that you accept.

Can the Customer pay in any currency?

      • Yes they can pay in the currency of the country they reside in.   If your customer is in another country, for example family in friends in England, they can pay in GBP.

Is the buyer protected if the item goes missing or is damaged in the post?

      • In our standard shipping practice, our Distributors and Customers do not take out shipping insurance against missing or damaged product in transit.  We have an excellent record of shipments being received in a timely and secure manner.  We ensure our Jewelry is packed well to avoid any damage.
      • If the Distributor/Customer has a high value invoice, they are advised to pay for insurance and ship their invoice via Fed Ex.  The Company will quote the price to the Distributor/Customer for their approval.
      • The insurance price will be dependent on the value of the invoice.

Would there be any tax implications for the Distributor on the profit that they earn?

      • The Distributor is solely liable for all income taxes and self-employment taxes that are required by all federal, state, and local laws.    
      • Starting off your business, your earnings would be minimal and no tax would be required if you have not met the minimum tax threshold. It would be seen more as a “hobby income” to start until your business picks up.  Do seek advice on this, but initially you are testing the waters…
      • Should you start to earn higher level of monies on a regular basis or invest in more stock as a Distributor you would then need to seek advice on registering your business and complying with tax regulations in your country.
      • For example in Australia – Sole traders. The taxfree threshold is $18,200 for individuals. A sole trader business structure is taxed as part of your own personal income – you are required to pay income tax at individual income rates. 

What are the Jewelry Guarantees?


Our Simulants Guarantee

The simulants used in Desert Diamonds – What Women Want® jewelry are guaranteed for a lifetime to retain their radiance, and will be replaced for discoloration or loss of brilliance under normal wear.

Manufacturing Guarantee

Desert Diamonds – What Women Want® jewelry product is guaranteed against defects due to original workmanship for 60 days from the date of the original purchase. If another jeweler undertakes the repair of the Product, this guarantee will be void.

The guarantee provides coverage for defects in manufacturing only (based upon DD Global Ltd or, the Distributor’s inspection and sole determination).

Jewelry product covered by our guarantee will be repaired and returned to the customer free of charge. If it is determined that the item cannot be repaired, a replacement or product credit will be provided.


All shipping costs to return product to DD Global Ltd and/or to the Jewelry Distributor as well as any import duties and taxes incurred for repair items shall be borne by the Distributor.

DD Global Ltd is not liable for any loss or damage of goods whilst in transit.

Items damaged due to customer negligence will not be accepted for exchange or credit but can be repaired by DD Global Ltd (a charge applies and return shipping is at the customer’s expense.   Items showing evidence of additional workmanship from other jewelers (engraving, alterations, ring resizing, etc.) are not covered by the manufacturing guarantee.    The product warranty is fully explained in our Distributor Agreement.

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