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New Distributor FAQ: Getting Started with Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose DESERT DIAMONDS as Your Business Opportunity?

Desert Diamonds offers a unique and exciting business opportunity for passionate individuals who adore our wide array of classic, timeless, and modern fine jewelry. Our high-quality workmanship, lifetime guarantee on premium Diamond Simulants, and affordable prices make our jewelry irresistible, often enticing customers to purchase multiple pieces. Moreover, our affordable pricing allows customers to indulge in multiple pieces without hesitation.

Our Distributors frequently say, “This business stands out!” And they’re right! We offer more than just exquisite jewelry; we provide personalized support, training, and resources that empower our Distributors to flourish as independent jewelry entrepreneurs. Our mission is to motivate, inspire, and present an opportunity to make a significant impact on your life!

By choosing Desert Diamonds, you’re not only representing a reputable brand with a diverse selection of jewelry, but you’re also investing in a business that prioritizes your growth and success. Experience the difference for yourself and join the Desert Diamonds team today!

How is Desert Diamonds unique in the market?

Desert Diamonds stands out from other brands with our exceptional quality, affordable pricing, and our commitment to supporting our Distributors. Our jewelry appeals to a wide range of customers because they love our classic, timeless and modern fine jewelry.   The quality of workmanship is first class; we offer a life-time guarantee on our premium Diamond Simulants and our price tag does not make our customers flinch, instead of one piece they often treat themselves to more!

Our Distributors receive personalized support and training, empowering them to succeed as independent entrepreneurs. We also encourage our Distributors to share the business opportunity with others, offering rewards for successful referrals. With Desert Diamonds, it’s more than just selling jewelry – it’s about building a network and making a difference in your life.

Our Distributors often say “This business is different!” Yes, they’re right! It’s more than jewelry, it’s the personalized service that we offer our Distributors and build their knowledge and confidence to work independently as a Jewelry Distributor.   Our mission is to Motivate, Inspire and provides an Opportunity to make a difference in your life!

Say YES and join us today!


What are the benefits of being a Desert Diamonds Distributor?

As a Desert Diamonds Distributor, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits that help you grow and succeed in your business:

      1. Working with a reputable brand known for high-quality products and excellent customer service.
      2. Access to a wide range of classic, modern, and timeless jewelry designs that cater to various customer preferences.
      3. Receiving comprehensive support, training, and resources from our professional team to help you succeed in your business.
      4. Benefiting from a low initial investment of US$1000, which includes a Jewelry Start-up Kit with an estimated retail value of US$2800, providing a substantial return on your investment.
      5. Enjoying the flexibility to work at your own pace and define your income potential based on your efforts and dedication.
      6. Participating in a rewarding referral program that offers US$250.00 product credit for each successful sign-on you refer to DD Global Ltd.
      7. Utilizing multiple selling channels, including home parties, mobile parties, online parties, and social media, to reach a broader audience and maximize your earnings.
      8. Expanding your network and connecting with other like-minded individuals in the Desert Diamonds community.

Embrace the opportunity to be part of a team that motivates, inspires, and provides endless possibilities for personal and financial growth. Say YES to Desert Diamonds and join us today!

What support and training does Desert Diamonds offer to new Distributors?

Desert Diamonds is committed to helping our new Distributors succeed. We provide the following support and training:

      1. Comprehensive startup kit: Receive an estimated 40+ pieces of our best-selling jewelry, promotional materials, accessories, and gift packaging.
      2. Professional guidance: Our experienced team will provide 100% support, helping you set up your business, create social media accounts, and list your contact details on our website.
      3. Ongoing support: Stay connected with our Head Office team, who will provide regular contact, address any questions, and offer advice in areas where you wish to build knowledge.
      4. Networking: We will connect you with other Distributors near your area, allowing you to build relationships and learn from each other.
      5. Product updates: Keep informed about new product launches and special offers to ensure you always have the latest information.

How to Become a Desert Diamonds Distributor?

Becoming a Desert Diamonds Distributor is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to launching your own jewelry business in no time!

      1. Reach out to Desert Diamonds to express your interest in becoming a Distributor. We will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance.
      2. Review the Authorised Distributor Agreement that will be emailed to you. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions, and sign the agreement.
      3. DD Global Ltd will verify your information and confirm your appointment as a Distributor through email.
      4. Purchase your Start-up Kit for US$1,000. This initial investment includes everything you need to kick-start your jewelry business.
      5. Make your payment via PayPal (which accepts credit/debit cards) or bank transfer, depending on your preference.
      6. Once your payment is processed and your Start-up Kit is received, you’ll be officially open for business!

Throughout your journey as a Distributor, you can rely on Desert Diamonds’ support and resources to help you succeed in your new venture.

In your Desert Diamonds Jewelry Startup Kit, you will receive:

In your Desert Diamonds Jewelry Startup Kit, you will receive:

      1. A curated selection of approximately 40+ best-selling classic and modern jewelry pieces, all crafted from Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating. This ensures you have a wide variety of popular items to showcase to your customers.
      2. Promotional materials to help you market your business, attract customers, and create a strong brand presence.
      3. Essential accessories and display items to present your jewelry in a professional and appealing manner.
      4. Elegant gift packaging to provide your customers with a memorable unboxing experience.

Please note that DD Global reserves the right to change the products included in the Startup Kit based on availability at the time of your order. Rest assured, we always strive to provide you with an exceptional assortment of items to help you succeed in your jewelry business.

How much is the investment to get started?

The initial investment to get started as a Desert Diamonds Distributor is just US$1,000. This amount covers the cost of your comprehensive Jewelry Startup Kit, which includes:

      1. A selection of approximately 40+ best-selling jewelry pieces with an estimated retail value of US$2,800. This allows you to start selling and taking orders right away.
      2. Promotional materials to help you market your business effectively.
      3. Accessories and display items to showcase your jewelry professionally.
      4. Gift packaging to enhance your customers’ buying experience.

With no quotas or risks involved, you have the potential to earn a significant profit by selling our fabulous jewelry brand. Your dedication, passion, and hard work can lead to a lucrative and rewarding business venture. Start your journey as a Desert Diamonds Distributor and enjoy the benefits of representing a top-quality, stunning jewelry line!

How much can I earn?

With Desert Diamonds, your income potential is truly limitless. As a Distributor, you have the flexibility to determine your own work schedule and income goals. The more time and effort you put into your business, the more you can earn. You’ll generate income through direct sales, and as you grow your network and customer base, your earnings can increase exponentially.

The key to success is your passion, dedication, and hard work in promoting and selling our exceptional jewelry. By tapping into various marketing channels, hosting events, and building strong relationships with customers, you have the opportunity to create a thriving and profitable business. Embrace the challenge, and watch your income potential soar!

Is there any reward for referring a friend to become a Distributor?

Absolutely! At Desert Diamonds, we believe in the power of referrals and growing our community of Distributors. When you introduce a friend, family member, or someone from your network to become a Distributor and they successfully sign up with DD Global Ltd, you’ll be rewarded with a US$250.00 product credit towards your next order.

This incentive not only helps you grow your network, but it also allows you to expand your jewelry collection and increase your sales potential. Sharing this amazing business opportunity with others is a win-win for everyone involved. So, spread the word and enjoy the rewards!

What Selling Opportunities can I use?

Discover various selling opportunities to share what you love to wear with Desert Diamonds, whether it’s through Sparkler Parties, one-on-one sessions, or social media. Today’s world offers numerous channels to reach and engage with customers.

      1. Jewelry Parties – Host a relaxed and enjoyable gathering with 6 to 10 ladies minimum, where they can try on jewelry, browse the catalog or visit our website. Each party can lead to future bookings and increased success for your business.
      2. Mobile Parties – Take your jewelry with you wherever you go in a compact and secure travel roll. Show off your collection to family, friends, colleagues, or even members of sports or social clubs. There are endless ways to market and sell!
      3. Online Parties – Host virtual Sparkles & Bubbles parties, where guests can browse our online shop, create wish lists, and order directly through you. Share products and special offers via social media and messenger for a convenient and hassle-free experience.
      4. Social Media – Utilize social media platforms to share products with your network and earn extra cash. Our jewelry is perfect for social selling: easy to showcase, ship, and guaranteed to delight customers.
      5. Exclusive Service – Offer personalized, VIP shopping experiences for your clients by understanding their preferences and suggesting pieces that suit their style. Make gift shopping a breeze with our classic best-sellers.
      6. Partnering with Retailers: Expand your reach by partnering with local retailers, creating mutually beneficial relationships that introduce Desert Diamonds to new audiences. Collaborate on in-store displays, promotions, and events to attract potential customers and showcase our stunning collection.
      7. Pop-Up Stores: Establish a temporary presence in high-traffic areas with a Desert Diamonds pop-up store. This flexible retail strategy allows you to engage directly with potential customers, providing an immersive experience where they can explore and try on our beautiful jewelry firsthand.
      8. Local Fairs and Events: Participate in local fairs, markets, and community events to showcase and sell Desert Diamonds jewelry. These occasions provide excellent opportunities to connect with customers, increase brand awareness, and generate sales in a fun and interactive setting.
      9. Collaborative Marketing: Join forces with complementary businesses, such as fashion boutiques or beauty salons, to cross-promote each other’s products and services. This cooperative approach can expand your customer base, increase sales, and create lasting partnerships within your community.

Enjoy various selling opportunities that cater to your personal preferences and lifestyle, helping you build a thriving business with Desert Diamonds.

Top of Form

Desert Diamonds Jewelry offers two distinct product lines, each with its own payment guidelines:

Standard Sterling Silver Jewelry – These are molded pieces with no design variations. Standard ring sizes are 52, 54, & 56. Tennis bracelets come in different lengths with varying prices.

Payment Guidelines:

      • Distributors with a good credit rating will have 30 days to make full payment after the invoice is shipped.
      • Email your jewelry order to [email protected].
      • You will be notified when the order is ready to ship, and you can choose to have it sent to your address or directly to the customer.

*Distributors receive a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) list that states both the wholesale and retail prices. Prices are in THB, but you can convert them to your local currency.

Custom Jewelry – These are unique, handmade pieces created in Gold, Platinum, or Sterling Silver, without a mold. DD Global Ltd provides a quotation for the Consultant to present to the customer.

Payment Guidelines:

      • For Gold Custom Orders over THB 10,000, a 50% deposit is required to secure the order.
      • Email your jewelry order to [email protected].
      • You will be notified when the order is ready to ship, and you can choose to have it sent to your address or directly to the customer.

*For custom pieces, it’s recommended that you collect full payment upfront (non-refundable) or a 50% upfront (non-refundable) deposit from family, friends, or loyal customers, with the balance due on delivery. To secure the order with DD Global Ltd and begin processing, a 50% deposit is required if requested.

Can I modify or cancel a personal or customer order?

As a Distributor, you have two days to modify or cancel a customer’s Standard Silver or Bespoke order.

How do I submit my orders?

Submitting orders is easy. Use our simple order form to enter individual orders, supply orders, and parties, then email it to [email protected]. Our friendly operations team will assist you with your order, lead-time, and delivery.

Do I handle deliveries?

Orders are shipped DIRECTLY to you, allowing you to dispatch them to your customers personally.

How do you ship my orders?

DD Global Ltd offers Shipping via Registered Mail, which takes about 2-3 weeks in transit (suitable for small orders of low value).

If you need your order expedited, we offer shipping via FedEx Courier for an average charge of US$50.00, with a transit time of 5-7 days.

Keep in mind that your order’s shipment date depends on the item with the longest lead-time. To receive items with different lead times faster, place multiple orders.

What support do I receive to set up my business?

Our professional Desert Diamonds team provides you with 100% support, resources, training, and expertise. Your contact details will be listed on our website, and we’ll also guide you in setting up your Social Media DD accounts, ensuring you’re ready to go from the start!

What kind of on-going support does Desert Diamonds offer?

We’re here to help you focus on selling while we handle the heavy lifting. You set the goals, and we assist you in reaching them. Our Head Office team maintains regular contact via email or call to address any questions, offer support, and provide advice in areas where you want to build knowledge.

We’ll also connect you with other Distributors in your area to develop relationships. You’ll stay informed about new product launches and special offers.

We operate like a small family business, providing warm and supportive assistance to help your business succeed.

From the buyers point of view

If someone purchases an item from the Distributor, do they pay via PayPal to the Distributor or Company?

      • Customers pay the Distributor directly for the full retail amount. Distributors can advise customers of the payment methods they accept.

Can the Customer pay in any currency?

      • Yes, customers can pay in the currency of the country they reside in. If a customer is in another country, they can pay in that country’s currency.

Is the buyer protected if the item goes missing or is damaged in the post?

      • Our standard shipping practice does not include shipping insurance against missing or damaged products in transit. However, we have an excellent record of timely and secure shipments. Our jewelry is packed well to avoid damage.
      • For high-value invoices, Distributors/Customers are advised to purchase insurance and ship via FedEx. The Company will quote the price for approval.
      • Insurance prices depend on the value of the invoice.

Would there be any tax implications for the Distributor on the profit they earn?

      • Distributors are solely liable for all income taxes and self-employment taxes required by federal, state, and local laws.
      • At the beginning of your business, your earnings might be minimal, and no tax would be required if you haven’t met the minimum tax threshold. Initially, it would be seen more as “hobby income.”
      • If you start earning higher amounts regularly or invest in more stock, seek advice on registering your business and complying with tax regulations in your country.
      • For example, in Australia, the tax-free threshold for individuals is $18,200. Sole traders pay income tax at individual income rates, as their business structure is taxed as part of their personal income.

What are the Jewelry Guarantees?


Our Simulants Guarantee: The simulants used in Desert Diamonds Jewelry are guaranteed for a lifetime to retain their radiance and will be replaced for discoloration or loss of brilliance under normal wear.

Manufacturing Guarantee: Desert Diamonds Jewelry product is guaranteed against defects due to original workmanship for 60 days from the date of the original purchase. If another jeweler undertakes the repair of the Product, this guarantee will be void.

The guarantee provides coverage for defects in manufacturing only (based upon DD Global Ltd or the Distributor’s inspection and sole determination). Jewelry products covered by our guarantee will be repaired and returned to the customer free of charge. If it is determined that the item cannot be repaired, a replacement or product credit will be provided.


      • All shipping costs to return the product to DD Global Ltd and/or to the Jewelry Distributor, as well as any import duties and taxes incurred for repair items, shall be borne by the Distributor.
      • DD Global Ltd is not liable for any loss or damage of goods while in transit.
      • Items damaged due to customer negligence will not be accepted for exchange or credit but can be repaired by DD Global Ltd (a charge applies, and return shipping is at the customer’s expense).
      • Items showing evidence of additional workmanship from other jewelers (engraving, alterations, ring resizing, etc.) are not covered by the manufacturing guarantee. The product warranty is fully explained in our Distributor Agreement.


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