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Our Distributor Services

Distributor Services

We believe that our personalized direct-selling approach is instrumental in building long term customer relationships. Our dedicated and hard working authorized distributors are committed to making it easy for their customers to enjoy the sparkle of our Desert Diamonds Collections.
Each of our distributors will approach her business in her own unique way, however, all our distributors are encouraged to provide some or all of the following services to her customers:

  • Offer and promote hosting of Sparkler Parties
  • Develop, maintain and communicate with a customer database
  • Promote and provide private appointments and shows
  • Participate and show our collection in local shows and fairs
  • Educate our customers through regular communication, advertisements and information pamphlets.
  • Promote and assist customers with our custom design and jewelry repair services
  • Sponsor appropriate fundraisers and charity events
  • Pursue and service appropriate retail outlets
  • Organize shows in conjunction with other vendors
  • Have flexible payment options (credit card, COD, etc.)
  • Wear and enjoy pieces from our Desert Diamonds collection herself!
  • Help increase our global awareness of our brand through referring / recruiting potential new distributors both locally and in all areas of the globe



Social Media is one of the main channels now to drive traffic to your business.   Having a business page on Facebook or a channel on Instagram is not enough. You need to integrate social media into your marketing strategy and make it part of how you grow your jewelry business.

People like to buy from people they know, and social media gives you the opportunity to show what it’s like behind-the-scenes and put a face to the name. You’re creating a relationship with each and every one of your visitors.

Second, social media integration opens the conversation up with the customer. It’s no longer you talking to them – your potential customers can talk back to you! They’ll leave comments, ask specific questions under a post, or even direct message you for private advice.


Contact your local Desert Diamonds Distributor today to find out more about what is happening with Desert Diamonds in your area.

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