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Host a Jewelry Clinic Workshop

Whether you wish to learn how to clean and polish your jewelry or need our guidance to design a piece of jewerly… we can assist you!


Host a Jewelry Clinic Workshop with your friends at a coffee morning, afternoon tea or an evening of Bubbles & Sparkles in the comfort of your home,  your work place OR even your local club!

All you need to do is decide the date, time & venue and we will help you to make this a fun environment for you and your friends to experience taking care of your jewelry.

We can revive your favourite pieces and make them SPARKLE again for you to show off to everyone. We will teach you how to clean, polish and store your jewelry. 


You can also bring along your own Jewelry that is in need of repair or restoration.  You may wish to trade in old gold jewelry for cash and make something new?

Everyone can also enjoy viewing our Desert Diamonds Jewelry Collection for inspiration for design or to purchase too!

Contact your nearest Distributor for more information on this opportunity

Five Ways to Bring New Life to Old Jewelry


A special occasion is the perfect time to bring new life to a wedding ring. Create a more meaningful ring by adding two side diamonds to a solitaire setting symbolising your past, present, and future as a couple. Years ago he picked out your wedding ring, mark that special anniversary by upgrading your diamond or have your existing diamond set in the ring you’ve always wanted!


Adding color gemstones is another way to make that piece more unique and one you’ll want wear. You can choose a gemstone for its rich bold color or for the belief of what it will bring to the wearer. For centuries, Rubies have represented love and passion while blue Sapphires promise honesty and loyalty. There are so many gemstones to choose from; you’re sure to find the perfect one to bring new meaning to your vintage jewelry.


Sometimes that vintage piece is too small or just not your style but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it in the jewelry box. One of the best options is to have a custom piece of jewelry created specifically for you. Take the gemstones from your grandmother’s necklace and have them reset in a pendant that features the birthstones of your family members.











An easy way to enhance your jewelry is to have it professionally cleaned and inspected. We’re happy to do it for you at a nominal fee. Not only will we clean and buff your pieces, we also thoroughly inspect the gems and settings. Your pieces will look like brand new and your gems and diamonds will have that bright sparkle you’ve missed!



Revive those pieces and make them something you show off to everyone. ADD SOME SPARKLE. A special occasion is the perfect time to bring new life to a wedding ring. BRIGHTEN IT UP WITH COLOR. Adding color gemstones is another way to make that piece more unique and one you’ll want wear. CREATE SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW.


In some cases you don’t need to do anything to revive your jewelry, you just need to wear them. Now is the time to mix and match metals and also styles, from vintage to modern. By doing this you can create a unique look. Everything from layering necklaces, bracelets or even rings can add contrast to any outfit. Once you start you’ll realize you have a lot of variety and you’ll start to love all your jewelry again. You really can’t go wrong unless you wear ALL of your jewelry at once– after all, we don’t want you to end up looking like Mr. T.



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