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Hi Everyone!
For those who don’t know me, my name is Sally Spencer.

I’m the owner of Desert Diamonds and I’ve been bringing sparkle to lives of women all over the planet since 1992. Welcome to my blog! In keeping with fine DD tradition, I hope to add shine to your day with my reflections on life, the Universe… and all that glitters.

A bright shiny wedding guide…

Engagement Rings, Eternity Rings and Wedding Bands

Your one true love (or second, or third for some of us – but that’s another story) has popped question, magic is in the air, and if you listen hard enough you can hear the sound of wedding bells just over the Covid horizon…

It’s been a difficult time for couples wanting to get married. But finally, a flickering light seems to be appearing at the end of this long dark tunnel.

But what comes next…?

“Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that’s exactly where I want to be always.”



Many moons ago, when I was living in Saudi, my boyfriend popped the question without a ring. That was in the days before Desert Diamonds, but still – he knew me well enough to know I would have my own ideas about the type of stone and engagement ring design that I’d be wearing every day for the foreseeable future.


My Engagement Ring from 1991 set with an Oval cut & tapered Baguette Diamonds in 18k yellow gold.

So, that weekend, we drove through the hot desert sun to the local jewellers. Ali welcomed us with a huge smile, a big glass of sweet mint tea, and a careful discussion about budget and design. “I have exactly the right diamond for you” he said disappearing behind a curtain into the back of his shop. In those days, engagement rings were mostly round diamond solitaires so I didn’t hold out too much hope that he’d have what I wanted. However, by the time we took the last sip of tea, he emerged like a Genie with a glittering tray of oval shaped diamonds. Perfect – exactly what I had in mind! I wanted the diamond to be held on each side by tapered baguettes and set in 18 carat yellow gold.  Ali did a great job. It was the engagement ring of my dreams and sat on my finger for many years.


When I later created Desert Diamonds that experience made a huge impact on me. And although we have a large selection of traditional engagement rings, my team and I always have our ring-fingers on the pulse of classic & modern engagement rings styles and the latest trends for people who want to create their own bespoke engagement rings and experiment with personalised ring designs

Trendy Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Shopping for a minimal, timeless, or vintage-inspired engagement ring, an oval-cut diamond is a trendy choice among modern brides.



  1. Highly Personalised Engagement Rings


Perhaps as a reaction to the uncertainty that Covid has brought upon us, I have noticed that more couples are wanting to take control back with their own designs. As well as personalised made engagement rings. They have been sharing with me that their weddings are becoming much more boutique, with Celebrants such as who writes personalised scripts based on the couples love story. At my first wedding we chose a combination of tradition and nostalgia, getting married in the same church as my dear parents, St Francis of Assisi Chapel in London’s South Kensington. But next time around I will follow the Destination Wedding trend of many of my clients – getting blessed in a meaningful locations based on our values. Maybe an Eco Weddings in Italy, perhaps… One couple recently returned from Umbria with their bright shiny Desert Diamond rings and big smiles.


  1. Alternative Engagement Rings

During Lockdown people have had time to think about what they want and come to Desert Diamonds with thoughtful ideas, symbols unique cuts, unusual custom designed settings and insights. And this is something I can very much relate to.

This ring’s uniqueness relies in it’s modern, new Radiant cut. This cut’s uniqueness is that more facets are showing, this way it spreads the light more whilst creating an out of space glisten for the stone. The ring’s true beauty is brought by two trillion cut diamonds.


  1. Men’s Engagement Rings

    Engagement rings, they’re no longer just for women. As gender equality becomes more important, it’s no longer only women who get to wear bling that says “I’m about to walk down the aisle”.





Why should girls have all the fun? Men have started choosing engagement rings similar to traditional wedding bands but embedded with a diamond. This is such a great idea. Desert Diamonds are happy to create engagement rings specifically for men.









  1. Emerald Cut Diamonds and Gemstones

Tallulah’s beautiful sparkler looks to be a 7- to 8-carat emerald [cut] with pronounced cut corners for a unique shape and sparkle. The diamond sits perfectly on a yellow gold flared solitaire setting for an overall estate feel. It is estimated to be roughly $200,000 to $250,000!

Every year designs are inspired by celebrity engagements and the recent engagement of Tallulah Willis and Dillon Buss is no exception. Their big emerald cut diamond selection has inspired a lot of interest. The Netflix series The Crown has also had an impact on recent trends and we have had many requests for Diana-esque large coloured blue gemstones and sapphires.


  1. Yellow Gold

In recent years, platinum and white gold settings have been very popular but now 18kt yellow gold is making a comeback.   Yellow gold has been considered the ultimate in luxury ever since the Egyptians, and now with vintage at the height of fashion, yellow gold for engagement rings is back with a bang.   It is ideally suited to anyone with a warmer skin tone and I also think diamonds are set off magically next to gold.



Wedding Bands

Although wedding bands often play second fiddle to the engagement ring – there is absolutely no reason why these cannot be imbued with the meaning and magic of your love in the form of matching designs, symbols and even diamonds. Desert Diamonds have lots of suggestions for you so contact us for some his and her, or his and his, or her and her ideas.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are a wonderful anniversary, Valentine’s Day or birthday gift. They are a splendid addition to a Vow Renewal or blessing ceremony. Associated with the circle of life, an eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love and commitment.



A diamond eternity ring will sparkle perfectly alongside your engagement or wedding ring. Celebrate your love forever with Desert Diamonds Jewelry eternity ring collection.

Exceptional Diamond Engagement Rings by Desert Diamonds Jewelry. Breathtaking Diamond Eternity Band Bonus Stack!!!!

Bridesmaids Gifts

We have a large selection of bracelets, earrings and pendants that will perfectly set off the dresses chosen for the day.  It’s a tradition to give your bridesmaids gifts to thank them for supporting you on … Timeless and classic, these sterling silver with 14k white gold round diamond simulant solitaire stud earrings would make a perfect gift for any member of your bridal party. 



You did it – you bought a gorgeous engagement ring, and your fiancé loves it! They said yes, you planned a beautiful ceremony to celebrate, and you’re grateful to have your partner for life. Perhaps you didn’t have your dream budget at the time you proposed, but now you have the ability to spend a little more! Maybe that anniversary is coming up, and you’d love to show your partner how much your love for them has grown since the moment you said “I do”.    Desert Diamonds Jewelry offers all grades and clarity of natural diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones too!   So when you are ready why not upgrade from our beautiful Diamond Simulant to the real mccoy…



We can easily arrange for you to visit our showroom and consult with Tong (Marketing Team) contact her [email protected]

Or we can arrange delivery via Kerry Express, which is cost effective, safe and reliable for us to receive and ship back to you.



We will assist you in sending your jewellery to us via Fed-Ex. This can be picked up directly from your home + shipping fee is applicable.


It goes without saying that Desert Diamonds Jewelry offers exceptional quality, price and service! Contact us now to request a quotation on your desired engagement ring or wedding bands.


*We offer a lifetime guarantee on our premium diamond simulants, diamonds (or the gemstone of your desire)


Purchase online or direct through our Global Distributors





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