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Hi Everyone!
For those who don’t know me, my name is Sally Spencer.

I’m the owner of Desert Diamonds and I’ve been bringing sparkle to lives of women all over the planet since 1992. In keeping with fine DD tradition, I hope to add shine to your day with my reflections on life, the Universe… and all that glitters.


As the mercury edges its way ever upwards inside the thermometer, here in Europe, we cast heavy layers of winter clothing off to one side in an effort to stay cool. Suddenly, all that remains between us and the naked truth is a splash of bright lipstick, a dash of sun-kissed skin and, most importantly for un petit chic…bright and shiny summer bling.


Summer Accessories. 


As the weather starts to warm and we begin to break out our favorite neck-baring tops, the opportunities to experiment with new and playful necklaces are endless. Break out of your everyday jewelry routine and embrace the whimsical colors and fresh designs of summer jewelry. Sparkle bright with Desert Diamonds!

I’ve been told that my favourite shade of coral lippy ‘doesn’t suit everyone’ so I’ll have to leave lipstick recommendations to the experts. And, as for sun-tanning, factor 50 and a good spritz of spray tan has long-since replaced the jaded sun-baking days of my youth.

But this year’s favourite sparkles – now that’s something I can tell you about!


Stacking Jewellery Summer 2021

Bezel-Diamond-Solitaire-Float-illusion Wire

Bezel Diamond Solitaire Float on illusion Wire

There’s no doubt about it with all these glorious rays of sunshine bouncing around, and large amounts of skin suddenly exposed like a blank canvas, summer is the best time to show off jewellery. Nothing glams up T-shirt, shorts and flip flops like strands of layered gold chains. Desert Diamonds by the yard is the perfect layering solution! And a hot summer girl should try pairing with a trés sparkling illusion necklace – or two – to add some drama to the décolatage.




As well as layered around my neck, I like to drape some By-the-yard around my wrist for this year’s look. And – why not – as a sexy, shiny ankle adornment. Anklets are a bit of extra fun that can be worn with sneakers, heels, flip flops and sandals. Sorry-not-sorry for how much I shine… Even if I’m landlocked in the French Alps these holidays with nothing but the odd visit to baker Jean-Pierre at the local boulangerie.


Diamonds by the Yard  Necklace – wrap it and layer it also with other pendant styles!


Rings on Your Fingers Bells on Your Toes


Rows of sensational brilliant cut diamonds adorn this spectacular piece from Desert Diamonds Jewelry. With energy as bold and vast as the most powerful waterfalls.

Of course we must not forget some je ne sais quoi for our manicured fingers. I like to tightly clutch a glass of champagne to beat the summer heat but even with a cheeky wee sundowner or ice cold beer – our fingers must sparkle! Desert Diamonds iconic, Mega Waterfall Ring features four rows of bright shiny droplets that give bubbles a run for its money in terms of sparkle and fizz. Mine is sized for my middle finger (to be noticed) it leaves lots of room to stack stunning rings on all my other fingers too. My favourite is the Jazz-Swing Eternity band for my pinky. And, in the spirit of brightening up the village this year, I have also had some customised toe rings made. “Oh la la! Voici l’Austrailen! Here comes the Australian!” I hear Jean Pierre cry when, from 1km away, I shine bright like a diamond.

Swing Jazz Diamond Simulant Eternity Ring with Solitaire Swing Jazz band

The Swing Jazz Band – A feminine diamond simulant eternity ring. Brilliant-cut diamonds of varying sizes are set into the band creating a sense of movement and fluidity. 


Desert Diamond Rings are handmade sterling silver with 14k white gold plating and can be customised in gorgeous coloured semi-precious gemstones as well as stunning Diamond Simulants. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for customisation and advice.


Stacked Studs, Cute Cuffs, Sultry Hoops and Mis-matched Earrings 


Cool Gypset Hoop earrings & sparkling diamond simulant charms! Whether worn as singles or pairs, these versatile pieces are designed to be layered alongside existing hoops and studs.

You may have read my previous blog about how I found the ‘courage’ to wind up with multiple ear piercings. This summer it is all worth it and I recommend you follow suit (Please do not DIY the piercings!) Mix-and-match the pairings to achieve an effortless charme and an element of surprise. There is a myriad of shapes from diamond studs, to pearl drops and hoop earrings with sweet sparkling charms!


In a nutshell the philosophy when accessorising this summer ‘more is more’. Stack them up, layer them down, drape them around and, no matter where you are, even my baker agrees, keep sparkling!



Timeless and classic, these sterling silver with 14k white gold round diamond simulant solitaire earrings are a summertime essential!



We can easily arrange for you to visit our showroom and consult with Tong (Marketing Team) contact her [email protected]

Or we can arrange delivery via Kerry Express, which is cost effective, safe and reliable for us to receive and ship back to you.



For our Bespoke or Jewelry Clinic Service, we will assist you in sending your jewellery to us via Fed-Ex. This can be picked up directly from your home + shipping fee is applicable.


It goes without saying that Desert Diamonds Jewelry offers exceptional quality, price and service! Contact us now to request a quotation on ‘summertime bling’ rings, earrings, bracelets, and anklets.


*We offer a lifetime guarantee on our premium diamond simulants, diamonds (or the gemstone of your desire)

Purchase online or direct through our Global Distributors








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