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Diamond Simulants: The Win-Win Bling-Bling

Diamond Simulants: The Win-Win Bling-Bling

Hi Everyone!
For those who don’t know me, my name is Sally Spencer.

I’m the owner of Desert Diamonds and I’ve been bringing sparkle to lives of women all over the planet since 1992. In keeping with fine DD tradition, I hope to add shine to your day with my reflections on life, the Universe… and all that glitters.


Diamond Simulants: The Win-Win Bling-Bling

As you may know, Desert Diamonds have been shining bright like diamonds, for years. Well now finally it seems, the rest of the world has caught up with our eco-friendly style!


Lab-grown diamond simulants are the biggest thing since ‘forever’


Baguette Diamonds Eternity Band

Eternity Half Band Baguette & Round Brilliant Stones.

Not since the ‘Diamonds are Forever’ campaign by DeBeers in 1948, which invented the diamond engagement ring trend, has a diamond development been so disruptive! When Meghan Markle stepped out in London in 2019, wearing a pair of earrings studded with lab-grown diamonds, savvy Millennials and Gen Z nearly-weds took notice. Now, when making their first important-ring purchase, reports indicate they are turning away from traditionally mined diamonds. Suddenly everyone is talking about diamond simulants and lab-grown diamonds because they are considerably kinder on the environment – and on the pocket too!


Meghan Markle Wears Lab-Grown, Ethical Diamonds: ‘She Really Loved These Earrings!


The diamond simulant sustainability story

It doesn’t seem that long ago that being eco-friendly (to me at least) meant feeling proud when I remembered to take my reusable shopping bags to Carrefour! But times have changed; and nowadays everyone knows we must do everything possible to protect our beautiful Earth. To that end I decided it was time to look more closely, with sustainability in mind, at how Desert Diamonds simulants are made. Fortunately, I not only liked what I found, but I now want to sing it from top of the French Alps like Heidi. (Lucky I live in them or there might be more complaints from the neighbours!) Not only are Desert Diamonds the more economical, quality choice – our existing customers know and love – but they are they are far more ethical and sustainable too!


What makes diamond simulants more sustainable?

Mining practices that are used to dig out natural diamonds have been the cause of flooding, drought and deforestation. It is said that, for every carat of diamond mined, up to 226796kgs of earth is removed, 577 litres of water are used, and billions of litres of water are contaminated by mine runoff. The process of creating Desert Diamonds does not pollute the water, destroy wildlife habitats, hide unethical practices, marginalise local communities’ or disregard the social, environmental, and long-term ecological impact that mines have on local communities… or leave gaping holes in the Earth! And that is just the way we like it

How are Diamond Simulants Made?

Diamond simulants are made by melting zirconium oxide powder with magnesium and calcium stabilisers. When the crystals stabilise they are then cut and polished into all the shapes you love in your diamond jewellery: oval cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, round, marquise and princessMany coloured diamond simulants are also available in gorgeous modern designs.


Recycled Diamonds and Diamond Simulants

Recycled Diamonds

As you may know Desert Diamonds offer not only the highest quality diamond simulants, but exquisite craftsmanship too. Our jewellery re-crafting service is the perfect way to reuse, recycle and step out once again in sparkles that have been gathering dust at the bottom of your jewellery box. We can match your existing stones into earrings, reuse your existing gold into modern ring designs, or stunning pendants

Our Simulants Guarantee

The simulants used in Desert Diamonds Jewelry are guaranteed for a lifetime to retain their radiance, and will be replaced for discolouration or loss of brilliance under normal wear.


Desert Diamonds Simulants

Desert Diamonds simulants are the highest grade diamond simulants available on the market today. Our stones are made from a chemical composition created to imitate the qualities of natural diamond and selected to meet our specifications. All our stones are of exceptional quality (equivalent to D colour and VSI grade) and are impossible to distinguish from real diamonds to the naked eye.  They are rated 8.5 on the MOHS scale of hardness compared to a diamond which, with a rating of 10, is the hardest natural substance.  In common with diamonds, the simulants used in Desert Diamonds jewelry do not discolor, become brittle or crack with age. The stones are cut using the same faceting technique as a diamond and hand polished with diamond powder. This highly skilled process results in the final precision of cut, luster, brilliance and longevity of the stone.    Desert Diamonds stones are available in countless different shapes and sizes; please visit our online shop to view.  We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our stones.


Stone, Shape & Cut

Desert  Diamonds offers a wide range of diamond shapes, from the classic round shape (also referred to as brilliant cut) to the more eccentric and loved heart shape. Every Desert Diamond has its own story, and it can be told through various shapes and sizes. It’s important to note that the shape of a diamond can also be referred to as its “cut”, like a round or princess cut. However, this should not be confused with the more commonly used term of diamond cut, which describes how well the diamond has been polished from the raw material.  Our stones are cut by diamond cutters using the same techniques used for cutting carbon diamonds and hand polished with diamond powder ensuring a premium cut every time, and the exceptional brilliance, fire, luster and longevity of the stone.  The stones used in our jewelry are available in a wide selection of shapes and size, some of which are shown below.



Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about authentic Desert Diamond Simulants and the new designs your old faithful stones deserve!



We can easily arrange for you to visit our showroom and consult with Tong (Marketing Team) contact her [email protected]


We will assist you in sending your jewellery to us via Fed-Ex. This can be picked up directly from your home + shipping fee is applicable.


It goes without saying that Desert Diamonds Jewellery offers exceptional quality, price and service! Contact us now to dust off those show stoppers in the making!  If you also have jewellery you would like repaired, cleaned or modified we can do that too!   


*If you want to add more stones we offer a lifetime guarantee on our premium diamond simulants, lab-grown diamonds, natural diamonds (or the gemstone of your choice)


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