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Our Story

High quality designer jewelry without the designer price tag….. this, I genuinely believe, is “What Women Want”.

Sally  Cowley

The founder and managing director of DD Global Group Ltd, Sally Cowley, spent many years living in Saudi Arabia. It was there that she became aware of the widespread appeal of these high quality diamond simulants.

Recognizing a significant gap in the market for superior quality jewelry using these amazing stones, Sally’s dream was to empower women to independently purchase timeless and elegant designs – manufactured to the highest quality – for themselves, without the hefty price tag. After considerable research and investment, and with the help of acclaimed international jewelry designers, the Desert Diamonds Collection was born.

Our Desert Diamonds Collection has grown and evolved, and today, our extensive collection includes beautifully handcrafted superior quality jewelry featuring our amazing high grade diamond simulants set in 925 sterling silver. (Available by custom order in18K and 14K gold)

Sally implemented a Global Distributorship opportunity for women to have their own business through private parties and viewings, events and retail partnerships. Sally has empowered women to be part of community events, be creative and to stand on our own two feet.

Throughout the phenomenal growth of DD Global Ltd., the foundation of our collection has stayed true to the vision of our founder and managing director:

“My passion is creating a collection of exceptional jewelry that delights the customer. The potential to design your own jewelry is unlimited and women everywhere have the ability to purchase by themselves for themselves. High Quality designer jewelry without the designer price tag….. this, I genuinely believe, is “What Women Want”.

“What Women Want”