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Join our Jewelry Team

Join our Team

Start your own business and build your future!

Join our Jewelry team today as an Authorized Distributor.  We are looking for women who would like to have flexible hours or a full time career with the potential to earn good income and become more involved in their community.  
Selling opportunities involve organizing Sparkler Parties, private viewings, attending trade shows and fairs, retail partnerships, being part of community events, marketing & selling online and being creative in finding new ways of bringing this beautiful Jewelry to those who desire it!

A Global Brand! 

An established& successful global jewelry brand with over 20 years’ experience in the industry!  With an extensive team of established Distributors around the world, the DESERT DIAMONDS what women want® brand is rapidly gaining global recognition.

Easy start up!

You will receive a stunning diverse range of our best-selling jewelry, promotional materials, gift packaging and display accessories to kick start your business.

Startup Jewelry Investment and no sign on fee! 

The minimum start up jewelry investment is US$1000 (wholesale value) of Sterling Silver jewelry.  Our expert team can guide you with your first order selection or you may provide us with your wish list of jewelry.
Startup cost is made up of 100% jewelry so your investment is recouped quickly with each sale you make.

Start Up Accessory Kit 

When you purchase the Accessory Start Up Kit, we will provide you with our branded display material, brochures and gift packaging to help you get your business started.  For a cost of only US$150 this covers a generous Accessory Start-up Kit & Shipping any where in the world via a secure courier company!

Excellent earning potential! 

You make direct profits on the jewelry you sell.  You can choose when to work, but of course the more time and effort you dedicate to your business, the more successful you will be.  
Our flexible selling models allows our distributors the freedom to run their own businesses and make business decisions to suit there market, within some guidelines that we have established to protect our brand.  

Run your business from home!

Organize your events and sparkler parties, and do your business administration from home – no need for an expensive shop front / fit out.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started…


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