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Announcing Beejewel & Desert Diamonds Collaboration!

Announcing Beejewel & Desert Diamonds Collaboration!

Beejewel Traditional Pendant

A unique integration of advocacy & design. The {Queen Bee} our symbol. We inspire resilience.

Who said we gave up? Our passionate belief in resilience wouldn’t allow us to give up. As many of you may have noticed, Beejewel has been absent from the market and social media scene for quite some time; however, this was just a phase in our growth journey.


As we all know, the past two years have seen small businesses, entrepreneurial projects, and start-ups challenged and taken to breaking points. Unfortunately, my business partner Huda and I and our small business fell victim to the economic tragedy witnessed by many. The global losses of life, inventories, services, and money were grand enough to force us as individuals and business owners to shift our attention away from growing to focusing on surviving.

As any live being’s instinct is, our first reaction was to freeze. We suspended all our marketing and sales to preserve the energy we had and the assets we owned. Then we sat and waited for time to pass and things to develop. We learn from the bee that “going back to home base” is the most important thing to do when it comes to survival. The beehive is where we regroup, acquire energy, and find support from our beehive sisters.



As time went on and the world gained some control over the pandemic, we realized that we could still do so much for our brand and business. The instinct to freeze passed, and we shifted our thoughts to problem-solving, creativity, and thinking out of the box. We spent a good ten months contemplating our next move. The goal was to regroup and pay attention to what options we still had. Without funds to tap into, it was essential for us to reach out to other resources and mainly supportive friends.


For many years our friend Sally Cowley at Desert Diamonds furnished our lives with affordable jewelry that was beautiful and unique. Our friendship with Sally was well over ten years, and we knew we had a solid foundation that would allow us to take our relationship with her and her business to another level. Huda and I decided to approach Sally and see if we could find a solution for our brand that would keep it alive and facilitate more business for our friend. Today, we would like to announce our collaboration with Sally and the fact that now you can find our Beejewel signature item on the Desert Diamonds website.

A Unique Integration of Advocacy & Design

Beejewel Traditional Pendant

Beejewel designs jewelry that is not only beautiful but also carries a message.
The jewelry we create incorporates the bee as a symbol of female resilience and reminds us that the network of support made by bees strengthens the whole hive. Beejewel encourages women to “Think Like a Bee,” which means working collectively and resiliently to support themselves, their families, and their communities – just like the bees in a beehive. Beejewel is committed to being a brand leader in luxury for a cause, designing fine jewelry with a purpose.


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Thank you for your continued support!

Modia & Huda Batterjee

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